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Move five-star comfort with Dcar / Fuso Limousine in Hanoi

Asia Transport - Van/Minibus Limousine Services is one of the high-class shuttle service providers with the largest luxury fleet, Including 29 Dcar Xplus, Solati Limousine, Unicar Limousine 9 seaters. Autokingdom Limousine. Felix, Thaco Limousine, Hyundai Premium 45 seaters, Thaco Meadow  28 seaters, Sedona 5 seaters and 6 Fuso Limousine cars from 2018 - 2020.

Auto Kingdom Limousine 9 chỗ-min.png

In today's life, when the service sector continuously establishes new standards of quality, luxury and luxury by the explosion of luxury hotels, golf courses, resorts and top restaurants. The other service is also attracting a lot of attention - it is the class shuttle service with private driver "Chauffeur Service".

In Hanoi, Asia Transport is a provider of shuttle, business, high-class tourism with the largest fleet of luxury cars with more than 20 Dcar Limousine cars and 5 Fuso Limousine cars of the top model of the brand "Dcar ". ... The fleet of shuttle cars is constantly updated with the latest car versions each year to bring the best choices for customers.

After 5 years of operation in Hanoi, Asia Transport has become a "Chauffeur Service" supplier for Government departments, Foreign Affairs, diplomatic missions and many top 5-star hotels across the country such as: Sheraton, Marriot, Nikko Saigon, Intercontinental.

Move five-star comfort with Dcar / Fuso Limousine from Hanoi

The shuttle, business and travel services provided by Asia Transport can be personalized according to the customer's specific needs and schedule such as on-demand shuttle service, airport shuttle and shuttle service. Pick up to the sights in the city. Just book an appointment via the hotline number 0902035595 or email, customers using Asia Transport services will enjoy the travel experience far beyond the expectations on the class cars, with full service dedicated, attentive and professional of Chauffeurs team.

 "With the motto to bring satisfaction beyond all expectations, we always focus on the smallest details to ensure the quality and consistency of the service to the experience of each passenger in the car. Side Besides, we always try our best to continue to provide safe, reliable and worthy transportation to customers ",

Move five-star comfort with Dcar / Fuso Limousine from Hanoi

Asia Transport is a company that provides transportation services "Chauffeur Service" established in Hanoi. In Hanoi, Asia Transport is known for its high-class shuttle service, diplomatic missions, celebrities and units that provide and rent shuttle, business and tourist vehicles of hotel partners. 5 stars, inbound companies, foreign corporations in Vietnam.

Asia Transport owns the most powerful shuttle fleet with more than 20 Dcar Limousine and Fuso Limousine cars of high-end versions, and the "Chauffeurs" team are professionally trained drivers.

Due to the influence of Covid -19, Asia Transport certainly has a discount to stimulate travel, bussiness demand, please contact to receive instant savings.

English: +84899162338 (Whatsapp) - Vietnamese: +84902035595 (Zalo)


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