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How is Minibus Limousine 11 seaters by Auto Kingdom in Hanoi ?

Asia Transport - Hanoi Limousine Service would like to introduce the Auto Kingdom Limousine with 12 seats: 11 passenger seats + 1 driver, which is designed from 29 seats from Tracomenco, which is customized by Auto Kingdom with a luxurious, sophisticated interior and is fully equipped with high-class facilities to meet all the strictest standards to have a luxury car. can welcome and transport businessmen, politicians, celebs, music stars, movies...

About Auto Kingdom Limousine is specializes in consulting, designing, renovating and manufacturing Limousine cars according to the needs of leading customers in Vietnam.



AUTO KINGDOM LIMOUSINE with perfect design to meet the needs of transporting passengers of businesses, best suited to the traffic conditions in big cities connecting nearby destinations.

The car is equipped with many utilities for work such as Charger (USB port), clock, decorative lights with drops of water, medicine cabinet, rain water cabinet ...

The 19-inch ceiling-mounted TV is large enough for people in the back seat to see the program content clearly.

Each seat has solidly molded monolithic sidewalls, electric sliding mechanism, the front seats recline without affecting the rear seats and there are footrests in each seat.

Outstanding Features of Limousine 11 seaters by Auto Kingdom

Vehicle color: Brown
Number of seats: 11 seats + 1 driver
LCD screen: 19"
Refrigerator: -18 degrees
Sound: 08 speakers
Curtains: Mechanical
Utilities: Wifi, USB charging port
Free: Mineral water, cold towel when renting

Auto kingdom Limousine 11 seaters.png



Asia Transport specializes in Luxury Limousine Service in Hanoi and Bac Ninh including Dcar/Auto Kingdom Limousine, Solati, Dcar President, Dcar Xplus 9 seats, Fuso Limousine 19 luxury seats with the best prices in Hanoi and Bac Ninh to serve tourism needs. , weddings, airport pickup, shuttle staff, golf, ...

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English: +84899162338 (Whatsapp) - Vietnamese: +84902035595 (Zalo)


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